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Yellow Fin Tuna | Skip Jack Tuna​


We provide wide range of size of Yellow Fin Tuna and Skip Jack Tuna. From below 1 kg to up to 60 kg (or even more) with international standard cooling system for best quality of fish.

Demersal Fish​


Our demersal fish products are mostly from East Indonesia. From Grouppers to Red Snappers, from Seabass to Yellow Tail Fish, from Marline to Swordfish, we have them all! What we don't have is type of fish that forbidden to be caught.

Mackerel Scad | Long Jawed Mackerel


Here in Patria Fishery, we also offer any type of Mackerel Fish, such as Mackerel Scad, Long Jawed Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, and manymore.



Besides fish, we also provide Cephalopods product such as squid, octopus

Milk Fish

We also provide aquaculture fish product such as Milk Fish. Our Milk Fish product are mostly from South & Central Sulawesi.

We also have certification to ensure our products meets our customer's needs

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